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Ohio Teacher Evaluation System : Dishonest, Unrealistic, and Not Fully Supported by Academic Research

I've spent the past three days at an OTES (Ohio Teacher Evaluation System) training. This system is being phased in over the next two years, and will serve as the vehicle by which all teachers in Ohio are evaluated. The workshop culminates with a post-assessment, taken some time after the classes end, resulting in licensure […]

Professional Development – CFG + PLN = D&M?

An Overview Professional development can be a sticky topic, sometimes bleeding into areas such as contractual obligations and monetary reimbursement. There is, however, lurking below the surface, a more implicit and problematic dissonance. Not all professional educators are consciously aware of this disconnect, but the contempt with which some view staff-wide professional development indicates that […]

Deschooling – Knowledge versus Complexity of Thought

Recently I came upon a Twitter post from Darren Draper, the context of which was the writing of Ivan Illich, a radical academic prominent in the early 1970’s. I’ve since ordered one of his books from Amazon. It arrives Tuesday. The general idea behind what Illich wrote, as I understand it from reading the initial […]

Self-Regulated Learning in Web-Based Environments: Instructional Tools Designed to Facilitate Cognitive Strategy Use, Metacognitive Processing, and Motivational Beliefs

What was the research question(s) in the article? The author’s premise is that self-regulated learning is comprised of three factors, (a) cognitive strategy, (b) metacognition, and (c) self-efficacy. He continues by emphasizing the point that although much research has been done in this area, very little has attempted to correlate all three of these variables. […]