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Ohio Teacher Evaluation System : Dishonest, Unrealistic, and Not Fully Supported by Academic Research

I've spent the past three days at an OTES (Ohio Teacher Evaluation System) training. This system is being phased in over the next two years, and will serve as the vehicle by which all teachers in Ohio are evaluated. The workshop culminates with a post-assessment, taken some time after the classes end, resulting in licensure […]

BLC 2008 – Wrap Up

I came away from BLC 2008 with two notions of interest. One applies to procedural or systematic change and the other is more personal in nature. As I’ve stated in my previous posts, it seems that the presenters at this conference were a more progressive bunch as a whole, compared to those that I saw […]

BLC 2008 – Day 1

I’m attending the Building Learning Communities 2008 conference for the next couple of days. Ewan Mcintosh kicked off the event with his keynote address this morning. I found his presentation was useful in that it initiated a change in they way I look at my use of technology as a personal tool. Specifically, to this […]

Maxine Greene, Educational Research, and Epistemology

Maxine Greene’s piece1 is one of the more challenging essays, in terms of verbosity and ideas, that I’ve read. Typically, when I consume something this dense, I spend a day or two away from it before I once more review the contents and begin to pull together something that resembles coherent thought. I have done […]

Writing Workflow

I have done extensive tweaking to my workflow in terms of reading and writing for the program. Although most everyone uses Microsoft products, maybe my setup will be of some interest. The technologies that I use are, BibDesk Skim VoodooPad LaTeX TextMate. BibDesk, Skim, and LaTeX are free (open-source), the other two cost around $80.00 […]