A Better OTES Rubric

by ajc

The OTES rubric is a fairly complicated document that runs several pages in length. As I see it, there are some major challenges to understanding its demands/expectations.

  • it's written in a way that includes a fair amount of independent clauses
  • the differences between levels are often incremental and depend on a single word
  • many of the assessment areas refer to multiple standards
  • the document runs many pages, so it's difficult to "see" everything at once

I spent the weekend deconstructing the rubric. My hope was to create something more structured; a document that would allow teachers and evaluators to view expectations more easily. I'm pretty happy with the result of my efforts.

OTES Rubric screenshot

There are some odd page breaks in the actual document. My intent was to create something that could be printed, trimmed, and spliced together using a laminating machine. This is the final result on my office door.

OTES Rubric complete

If you would like to use this, the final document can be downloaded here. Let me know if you find any mistakes