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The Cynefin Framework and (the Complexity of) Classroom Instruction

Classroom instruction is complex but do we treat it as such? Is “sensing” a priority of teacher education? How would an instructor who waits for “patterns to emerge” be viewed by their supervisor? As laid back? Aloof? And does outcome-based education (unintentionally) result in educators treating complex situations as complicated, or worse yet, simple in […]

Hybridized Online Learning – More (But Could be Even More?) Effective

Benjamin S. Bloom has two works from which to draw when interpreting the results of a new study by Carnegie Mellon. The key finding, related to the efficiency of this design, is summarized in the following quotation. By combining the open-learning software with two weekly 50-minute class sessions in an intro-level statistics course, they found […]

Starting math early

The New York Times has an interesting article – http://j.mp/8aYXO6 – summarizing the extant research on the mathematical abilities of preschoolers. The findings indicate that children’s abilities are greater, and develop earlier, than had been previously thought. The money quote: “A crude number instinct us hard-wired into the brain” Also of note, researchers surmise that […]

School 2.0?

There’s a significant amount of buzz around the idea of integrating social networks and the principals thereof into “school 2.0”. What seems to be missing is an acknowledgement that the teacher is still the person that sets the tone, chooses the material (or, at a minimum, provides some sort of guidelines in terms of what […]

Deschooling – Knowledge versus Complexity of Thought

Recently I came upon a Twitter post from Darren Draper, the context of which was the writing of Ivan Illich, a radical academic prominent in the early 1970’s. I’ve since ordered one of his books from Amazon. It arrives Tuesday. The general idea behind what Illich wrote, as I understand it from reading the initial […]