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Feedback and Self-Regulated Learning

Overview Feedback and Self-Regulated Learning: A Theoretical Synthesis, written by Deborah L. Butler and Philip H. Winne in 1995, is a popular piece of academic literature. Google Scholar indicates that it has been cited by 1183 works. Its importance is likely a result of that way in which it views the nearly universally reported benefits […]

Comprehensive Exams Begin Today

I’ve just received four questions that I must address as the primary component of comprehensive exams at Kent State University. I have eight weeks to answer these completely, after which they will be evaluated. If I’m successful, I will then be asked to defend my responses in person. Research Methods in Educational Psychology and Instructional […]

Hybridized Online Learning – More (But Could be Even More?) Effective

Benjamin S. Bloom has two works from which to draw when interpreting the results of a new study by Carnegie Mellon. The key finding, related to the efficiency of this design, is summarized in the following quotation. By combining the open-learning software with two weekly 50-minute class sessions in an intro-level statistics course, they found […]

Scholarly Writing: How We Manage Our Data

Photographers have a plethora of options when it comes to managing their digital assets. Off the top of my head I can name four rather conspicuous members of the group, Aperture, Lightroom, Photo Mechanic, and Portfolio. Each of these, in their own way, allows the photographer to quickly add metadata, resulting in quicker and more […]

Controlled Vocabulary

If you’ve ever done any type of research, you are probably familiar with “keywords” or “subject terms” used by databases that index journal articles related to your field of interest. My understanding is that most journals allow authors to tag their articles with keywords of their own choosing. Let’s look at some examples from the […]